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Collaborative Office Furniture

Productivity is directly tied to your company’s success. How your office workspace is designed can directly affect your employee collaboration and efficiency. Providing the right collaborative workspace can facilitate and improve your employee brainstorming and productivity – and the overall profitability of your company.
For a progressive approach towards increased productivity, creative workspaces, and impromptu brainstorming, there’s no better way better than bringing teams together through collaboration furniture.

What is Collaborative Furniture?

Collaboration furniture is specifically designed to foster collaborative working by boosting brainstorming and supporting creativity. Whether used for informal meetings, group projects, or team discussions, collaborative tables and chairs are designed to address the needs you have for teamwork without the need to rearrange your workspace.
While collaboration tables are some of the most popular workspace options, collaborative furniture can extend to chairs, kiosks, displays, and lounge seating. Depending on your workspace style, company goals, and floor space, there is collaborative furniture suited for any need.

What is Collaborative Tables?

When you apply the science of ergonomics to office seating, then you have ergonomic chairs. Ergonomic seating is designed to be adaptable to the user’s needs and comfort.  While they offer adaptable features, ergonomic seating can help position your body in an active sitting position to help keep blood flowing and your mind engaged to be the most productive.

Traditional office seating is supplemented by ergonomic office furniture that has been adjusted for both sitting and standing with a height-adjustable desk in order to combat the effects of traditional sedentary workplace behavior.

Why is Collaborative Tables Important?

Adopting ergonomic seating is about designing workplaces for people. It adjusts the traditional perception of office furniture for increased comfort, efficiency, productivity, and health.

Conventional office space with the use of computers and constantly-changing technology has contributed to sedentary workplace sedentary lifestyles. Stiff, fixed posture with little to no movement has led to proven negative effects in employee health and productivity. Ergonomic furniture, including chairs, monitors, desks, keyboards, and even lighting, works to provide daily physical activity and movement while supporting proper posture. Doing so not only encourages an active lifestyle and helps to prevent long-term injuries but also improves blood flow to the brain and increased productivity and efficiency.

Many ergonomic chairs provide adjustable seat height, seat depth, and lumbar support to encourage the spine to sit in good posture. Chairs should be adjustable to allow the user to sit comfortably while also allowing proper lumbar support.

What Are the Benefits of Collaborative Workspace Furniture?

Some of the key benefits of collaborative furniture include:

Agility & Flexibility

A flexible workplace is not just an office trend; this type of workspace is here to stay. Many collaborative tables and furniture can be easily moved from one part of the office to another for maximum agility. This type of furniture can be easily built up and “broken down” depending on when and where your team must discuss and work together on a solution.

Cost Efficiency

Some of the most common constraints in a modern office are related to the restraints of the physical office space and budget. Collaborative furniture can be portable and used for a variety of purposes – unlike a stationary cubicle or conference table. By adding portable collaborative workspace that serves multiple functions, you can cut out the costs of other furniture you would have needed to purchase.

Optimize Current Office Space

Office collaborative furniture allows you to make the most use of your current office space. Functionality is key to a successful and productive office space, but there is only so much furniture you can add before it may become cluttered and busy. Modern collaborative workspace furniture can provide business owners with providing workers with a ready-to-use conference area, as well as areas for quick but effective huddles. There is no concern regarding budgeting and space, and all team members have exactly what they need.

Office Collaborative Furniture from OCI Office

Collaborative or “Break-out” tables seem to be the order of the day. These teaming tables offer team building, add energy to the space, maximize your floor space, and are very stylish giving your office a hi-tech and welcoming feel. Call us to layout your office and help you come up with the perfect working environment for you. Our in-house designer will gladly meet you at your site to review your options.

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