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The way your office is designed - whether from furniture to workstations and cubicles - all affects your employee performance. Gone are the days when sitting in a cubicle staring at a screen for eight hours was acceptable. With more studies than ever coming out with the negative health effects of a traditional office setup, modern workspaces are looking to adapt. Office ergonomics is a proactive approach toward increasing blood flow to the brain and preventing or reducing repetitive use injuries.

By installing proper workstation ergonomics, employers can provide more comfortable solutions for employees and encourage more productivity and healthy work habits that can reduce workstation strain.

What is Office Ergonomics?

Ergonomics is the science of designing or arranging workplaces, products, and systems to fit the user’s needs in order to increase productivity and efficiency while reducing discomfort.  Placing your body in a comfortable work position that teaches movement can inspire proper posture and take pressure off the lower back. Ergonomic office designs focus on the items that comprise an employee’s workstation, including monitor stands, cubicles, desks, and chairs. 

What is an Ergonomic Workstation?

Office ergonomics is the practice of ensuring employee workstations and cubicles are properly adjusted to best-fit an employee's physical stature, comfort, and work performance. Ergonomics is best understood as designing workstations and office furniture that supports the basics of human posture so that employees are working efficiently and in a way that supports natural posture. 

By designing workstations that limit the total number of movements made by the back, wrist, arms, and fingers, employees can accomplish much more in their day with furniture that supports healthy posture. 

Why Choose Workstation Ergonomics? 

Employees sitting for eight hours a day staring at computer screens can put their health in jeopardy. Active sitting through ergonomic office furniture and seating can make a large impact on your productivity and health. Working for hours on equipment that can worsen posture, coupled with a sedentary lifestyle, can cause numerous spine issues and arthritis - among other work-related injuries. 

Workstation ergonomics seeks to provide a workplace that is customized for healthy human posture. Providing your office space with ergonomic workstations and cubicles outfitted with standing desks, supportive keyboards, and adjustable chairs support employees by realigning their spine, promoting movement, and fixing bad posture that can all lead to these health problems down the road. OSHA recommends that employees sit with feet flat on the floor, legs and forearms bent at 90 degrees, with straight wrists, and with the monitor screen adjusted to be at or below eye level. By creating a comfortable environment for employees to do their job, you can improve overall productivity and better morale in the office. 

Ergonomic Workstation & Cubicles From OCI Office 

At OCI, we can outfit your office with ergonomic workstations ranging of all heights and sizes to fit your personal situation. With our 110,000 square foot warehouse, we can provide you with used, remanufactured, or new workstations. Our experts can provide you with ergonomic workstation setup, design, and furniture - for whatever your office needs. 

Call us to layout your office and help you design and set up the perfect working environment for you. Our in-house designer will gladly meet you at your site to review your options. Contact us for more information. 
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