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Conference tables are key elements in any office setting that’s built for productivity and collaboration. Although office trends have fluctuated over the years, the attraction of the conference table has remained stable. For a central focal point, there is no bigger option than the conference table.  

Why Choosing the Right Conference Table Matters

Choosing the right conference table can have a massive impact in the productivity of your workplace. 

Increase Office Collaboration

As the name suggests, conference rooms can help increase collaboration and promote a connected company culture - whether in person or in a video call. Many important meetings are held over conference tables, whether it is to increase production or make major decisions to move a company forward. You want to make sure you have the right conference table to do so. 

Achieve Different Goals With Different Shapes

Conference tables come in a variety of shapes, all suited for different goals. Whether you’re exploring rectangular tables or circular options, you should choose your company’s conference table on what your value is in meetings. Studies have shown that while rectangular conference tables promote collaboration, alternatives such as circular tables can help ease clients. Shapes of seating arrangements - including conference room tables  - can impact business persuasion, which is why it’s important to choose the right conference table to suit your unique business goals. 

Establish First Impressions 

The right conference table can help increase the allure of your office interior. They can be excellent communicators of your company culture. You only have that one chance of making a first impression, so preparing for the most successful meeting begins way before the client walks through the door or turns on Zoom - it starts with your office's appearance. By styling your conference room with an attractive or appealing table design, you can make your conference room stand out. 

Common Types of Conference Tables 

 Conference tables come in all sizes and materials. Below are some of the most common types:


Granite Conference Tables

Granite conference tables are less common due to their weight and price, but they can make a stunning edition for any office. Granite or stone conference tables represent some of the top-tier pricing when it comes to furniture, but they are long-lasting and have a lifespan of over twenty years.  If you’re looking for that “Wow” factor in a client’s first impression, a granite conference table may be the best choice. 

Glass Conference Tables

A glass conference table can add a sleek design element to your conference room without the price tag or weight of granite. Tables with tempered safety glass can be sturdy options that will be expected to be resilient against time and are easy to clean from pens, dry erase, and staining. 

Wood Conference Tables

Solid wood conference tables can add rustic elegance to your office. Wood conference room tables can range from reclaimed wood to mid-century to modern designs. Whichever piece you choose, a wood conference table will be sure to be the conversation piece to any space in your office. 

Laminated Conference Tables

Laminated conference tables are not only one of the more economical options, but they can be built to last and are easy to clean. While a wood or stone conference table may have a more delicate surface that can scratch easily, laminated conference tables are well-protected against any sort of abuse - whether from briefcases, pen ink, or wet glasses. Laminate conference tables also come in an endless variety of colors and grains, so you have more room to customize.

Conference Tables from OCI Office 

From granite to glass to wood to the unlimited selection of laminates, OCI Office can make your conference room more than just a gathering place. We can turn it into a communication center, collaborative room, and also a place to brainstorm using the unlimited resources of technology. Call us to layout your Conference Room and help you come up with the perfect working environment!

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